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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Me, Part 1

It occurs to me that I should start out with a self description. I caution you that any self-descriptive editorializing from me should be regarded with the same trust you would invest in, say, the New York Times.

How to start... hmm... let's try this:

Yet to shuffle off this mortal coil, I yet remain a wound up spring, under constant tension but very flexible. My main-motto is "work hard and play not at all" and it resides at the office. My otto-man is Roche Bobois and it resides in the living room.

Ouch. That might have been too, uh, forced. Well, hell, it's MY blog.

I live alone.

I used live in the classic "Three's Company" scenario. Through a variety of misfortunes I came to own a living space which I furnished but INfrequent. Serendipidy being the tool of the devil, I happened upon two young coeds who needed a place to live. I initially came to know them through my sister, and later biblically came and knew them through Jack Daniels. They were and are young and blonde and my having descended from millions of generations of successful sexual conjugations made it difficult for me to be mounting resistance against unresisted mounting...

Sometimes I would suspect I would find my abode converted into a pillar of salt, but what could I expect when I combine an ACID wit with BASE desires?

But that's in the past. I dwell there often. ;-)

Anyhow, if Fortune is a wheel, I'm really going to hate the journey down. I am a successful entrepreneur and have been rewarded amply in plutocratic wealth. I was raised a good liberal with a penchant to distrust money and power, but at some point I had to face up to the man in the mirror and, well, I just couldn't live with hating myself. Like many rich liberals, I'm only liberal because I can afford to be, and only remain liberal as far as my wealth will take me. Although I romanticize the "good old days" when I had so little money that I had to budget the days I would have breakfast, I strangely have declined to give away all my material possessions to reclaim that state of historical nirvana. Just gave away most of them, enough to serve as a balm for my soul.

I say all this tongue firmly in cheek. In fact I don't know as much about my tendencies any more. This is because I am morally alone, a subject I will write about and revisit later, I am sure.

Meanwhile, I work hard, then work harder, then work even harder. When I take the time to poke my head up, I look for my shadow. If I fail to see it, I turn on a light and go get some dinner.