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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Location, Location, Location

My dating life in the past few years has been concentrated in the Bay Area, New York and Seattle/Vancouver. There is an occasional experiment in SoCal, Texas, Aspen, Vancouver, Boston, London, Singapore, and D.C., and every now and again in some other random city, but lately I've preferred to take a provider or girlfriend on my travels rather than find one at my destination.

This entry is about providers and how they differ by location.

Is there a difference between providers in different locations? Absolutely. It differs by country. It differs by coast. It differs by size of city. It differs on attitude, looks, cost, and talent. Maybe it shouldn't, but it does.

I like to hobby for the long term. I prefer a regular escort who can spend several days at a time with me. Once they get to know me, this is at a substantial discount to their regular rate. But to get to know them, I have to pay hourly for the first meeting or four, and it can be expensive. And it can be impossible for some agency girls, which is why I prefer independents, or out of town girls managed by an agency who can "freelance".

Without question, the United States is the most expensive place to hobby. Ok, it can be more expensive if you are a Caucasian tourist in Japan. But in general it's most expensive here in the good 'ol U. S. of A. I think of the US premium as a kind of moral hazard pay. It's most illegal here, and therefore most dangerous (for both parties), so it costs the most. (By this rationale it should be hyper expensive in Saudi Arabia...)

I have been quite surprised how cost effective it can be in London, but this may be due to the high influx of eastern and northern european girls that keep the prices down. Europe is so small and it's pretty easy for girls to travel between countries (and therefore moralities) there.

If you head to Malasia or Thailand, you can hobby for nearly free. You can spend a day or weekend with a gal for the cost of her bar fee plus being single (i.e. appearing marriageable). But I haven't really enjoyed this as much as I had thought I would.

The best deal I've ever enjoyed outside of Asia was in Mexico City, where I guested with a VIP. He was able to summon about a dozen beautiful women to entertain four of us for a weekend.

I hear Brazil is great also, but I haven't tried it yet.

But given that the dollar is in free fall against most all currencies at the moment, you might consider staying within the United States. What then?

Within in the US, Seattle has pretty good hourly prices all things considered. SoCal is relatively expensive, although there are Asian communities in LA that keep the prices down (or you can head down to Tijuana and spend the money you save on antiviral drugs.) NYC is more expensive, although you often get a different kind of gal than in LA.

I've found the most educated and physically attractive escorts in New York and London. Usually they come from elsewhere, but ply their trade in the big cities. Many escorts in Boston are educated, but for whatever reason I've had the brightest in New York and sometimes D.C. SoCal has some beautiful escorts, particularly from boutique madams, but some are truly dumb as a post.

Seattle does not have the most attractive escorts. A 9 in Seattle seems to be about a 7.5 in NYC. But Seattle has some of the nicest providers I've met in the US. I like 'em.