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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Moral bankruptcy in the Bahamas

Ok, last week I was supposed to go to Hawaii on a double date with an acquaintance who is a billionaire, let's call him "J".

I don't know J THAT well, but we hit it off last year and he wanted to party with me. Frankly I'm not sure how the hell he landed the job he has, but he makes an obscene amount of money from his work: he has his own island, a Gulfstream, and bachelor pads with discreet domestic servants in several places. Anyhow, he also has a big beach estate on the big island where he's building a house. I'm supposed to meet him in NYC to fly down there.

His limo picks me up at my place and as I hop in J says, "Let's go to my place in the Bahamas instead, because the weather in Hawaii sucks." So we fly there instead along with two models from Florida for a "double date." His date is a model he's been with several times, let's call her "E"; my date is her friend "S". J hangs out with models a lot (not prostitutes), and has no GF.

Now this was a TRIP. I learned more than I ever wanted about moral bankruptcy.

For one thing, he mistreats the models, and they seem to like it. He clearly thinks they are stupid (and he appears to have selected for low IQ), and he gets them to do all kinds of outrageous things so he and his friends can laugh at them. Some of the situations are pretty weird, and would make an interesting reality show. For example, he had several video recordings of E and a few other models milking a cow. Another one where they were covered with milk and had cats licking it off. He claims all this predated reality shows and the ideas came from Japan. Whatever. So that's the inflight entertainment. E and her friend S seem to find it quite funny, even though it portrays E as dumber than a post. One of her favorite quotes, "I'm pretty stupid, huh?"

I don't know how to reply to that.

We get to Bahamas and the weather is nice. NYC was frickin' cold, so this is great.

Possibly because I'm not as accustomed to the weird rituals he likes to videotape, or maybe because he didn't have as much time to prepare, the trip is more mellow than the in-flight recordings would indicate.

So are these gals providers? Absolutely, except no cash exchanges hands. There is no question whatsoever in their minds that their primary functions are entertaining eye candy and sex. They are VERY good at the first, and pretty good at the second. They like each other, too, although they always had this coquettish girlishness about professing not to.

Sex and performance art, they'll do, but they won't serve you drinks, clean, or cook. That's beneath them. There are servants for that. But feed us naked without using their hands? Sure! A "Simon Says" drinking game where only they have to do the actions? No problem! Demonstrate the kitchen implements as sex aids? Ok! Sex on demand? Any time, anywhere!

One evening I wake up in the middle of the night and, half awake, I start pawing S. She kind of freaks out, and I felt like a creep. When she fully awakes she says she had a bad dream and she had a bad experience before, and of course I could do whatever I wanted, so she's sorry. Wow, now that's an attitude. It was such a pro-sex attitude that it made me depressed.

The image that will stick in my mind was sitting on the porch with J, drinks in hand, watching these half-drunk girls running naked in the surf as the sun sets. He turns to me and says, "These girls are so stupid, they'll do anything and think it's fun. And they know I'll get another one if I don't like 'em... there's a hundred of them in line. And no matter what I get them to do, they'll tell their friends it was the best time they've ever had. Isn't it great?"

Except it isn't. Particularly since they are high about 80% of the time. I realize I've fallen into a moral cesspool with J, and some part of me liked being in there.

J explains how he started down this path: One day he's jerking off to a porno and he realizes that there are over 100 women a year in Playboy worldwide, and thus at least 500 or 1000 women in the "hot" age range. And even if only 1% of them would have sex with him, that was still 5 to 10. He just had to find out what they wanted, supply it, and he could find them. And lo and behold, there are many more models than he ever thought that just want to be able to brag to their friends about the island, the jet, the games, and the mysterious powerful boyfriend.

And now I know how he got to be a billionaire.

So that was my long weekend without morals. There and back again.

Would I repeat? I would like to say no, but admit I'm not sure. I'm offended at J and even more offended at myself, but hell, what an experience.

I'll tell you, the providers have a WAY better chance of keeping their sanity than these models do.

While I was in NYC I checked out the new Mandarin Oriental at the Time Warner building on Columbus Circle. It's a small hotel, about 250 rooms, but pretty high up. The lobby is on the 32nd floor, I believe, and there is a little bar and restaurant with a great view. Very nice.

Asia and France next month.