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Friday, January 02, 2004

New Years

I am in NYC, contemplating the scene below in Columbus Circle. It's amazing how quickly they can clean up the messes that people leave behind.

2004 is upon us.

2003 was a strange year in the world, but for me personally the economy rebounded in a big way.

My spending on girlfriends, whether rented or owned (see earlier posts), has been pretty consistent over the last several years, but 2003 was a good year, even though I was without a regular girlfriend of either type for a while. The lack of the steep discounting I usually enjoy from a regular was more than offset by the number of "free" travel trips (the cost of transportation, room and board), although I spend significantly to show a good time.

2003 was also a year of renewed acquaintances. I met several girlfriends and former providers I had not for some years, which has led me to make a comparison. I'll summarize this in a separate post.

I expect despite improved economic conditions, I will spend about the same on women in 2004 as 2003. I will have more free time, so perhaps I'm kidding myself thinking I will dedicate that time to self-improvement, and I will instead throw myself into the sybaritic joys of female flesh. I hope I will find a regular woman, although it's proving to be very difficult this time around.

Resolutions? Usually I don't make them because it is hard to improve on perfection. ;-) One resolution would be to quit the hobby. But to do that I'd have to cut off a part of my body that still has life. So, naw, maybe next year.