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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Asians in NYC and Singapore

I went to NYC. It was cold with a little snow on the ground in Manhattan. When I arrived I had dinner at Jean Georges. I fondly remembered Samantha and Paulina, my long-retired previous NYC regulars. Could it be more than five years ago? Longer? They were great dinner dates: pretty, smart, and great conversationalists. As different as night and day in looks and personality, but great. I knew them for a year at most before they retired, and alas, have never found a regular quite like them. Prettier, certainly. Smarter? Sure, in my line of work I meet smart women. But that combination of pretty, smart, fun to be with, fun to show off, and at the end of the night makes love with unbelievable skill... and available?! well, I'm still looking.

I again tried and failed to hook up with Shannon. After perusing UtopiaGuide I ended up taking an Asian gal to dinner and Hairspray on Broadway. The show exceeded my expectations. I don't remember the John Waters movie that well, but I think the play was much better. I also found out that Hairspray had its debut in Seattle.

The girl was a cutie, kind of like dating a Japanese anime character.

Then off for a short business trip in Singapore. Just a couple of days there, not enough time to jetlag. I flew to LA and took the new afternoon Singapore Airlines A345 non-stop from LA to Singapore. It's a brand new A340-500 plane that is (allegedly) the longest non-stop commercial flight at 18.5 hours.

I've always had a fantasy of picking up a Singapore Airlines flight attendant. In US airlines, first class cabin overseas routes are allocated by seniority, so you usually end up with an older "flight attendant." In the Asian airlines they assign the young and attractive "stewardesses" who are trying to marry a regular first-class businessman. So when flying to Asia in an upper class cabin, you must take an Asian airline.

Unfortunately although it's possible to flirt with the stewardesses, some lack of right attitude on my part seems to stymie the fulfillment of my fantasy. So I remain alone in my SpaceBed with the DVD players and the flat screens. No mile high club on this trip, and I'm in Changi two days later, courtesy the Earth rotating the wrong way.

Meetings and more meetings and the weather is 90 degrees.

But there is some time to catch a little recreation. I have never tried the sex trade in Singapore. Singapore has several zones for prostitution. The brothels range from relatively standard brothels to massage parlors to discos to karaoke bars. Solicitation is illegal, but prostitution is not within these zones. But I talk to my favorite concierge who outlines some interesting in-room options. In particular he recommends a service that is known for "young, healthy, high-class girls". So I line up an appointment for late that evening. I take a nap and wake up in the evening. I decide to take a trip to a karaoke brothel. I arrive and I am instantly popular. Ok, my wallet is popular, but I can deceive myself. This is the way the bar scene OUGHT to work, I am the hunted. This is what it must feel like to be a beautiful woman. I am not there to find a gal, just to get in the mood. I have several thrilling gropes with beautiful women, and find my way back to the hotel, hoping that I will not have buyers' remorse because some of those bar gals seemed pretty hot.

Back at the hotel I order up some bath accessories and make ready the drink paraphenalia. Exactly on time I receive the call to my appointment and head down to the hotel bar, a super-classy place. In there I meet a man and two very beautiful women. They are indeed young and goddamned healthy (I refrained from checking their gums and hooves). Neither speak much English; their vocabulary seems to be garnered exclusively from MTV... but they are unbelievably sexy. The man asks me which one I like better. Well, I can't help myself, hell, I can barely think with the teak wood I'm sporting at this bar, so I beg him to let me take both of them even though I only asked for one girl. The man smiles knowingly. He obviously does this expecting to double his business. He tells me they are sisters "who kiss all the time" and promises they will be very good to me. He is very friendly. He has a shit-eating grin. He has an overnight rate ready.

(I dimly recall not thinking about the rate, which I realize now that my brain has its full blood supply... was steep.)

The transaction is completed discreetly, and I have these two stunning girls to escort to my room. I mix some drinks in the room. I find over the course of the evening that these gals easily finish off a bottle of liquor.

I discover that they are not sisters, but this did not surprise me.

I also discover they are quite young, and this DOES surprise me. Now Singapore is this country where they'll jail you for oral sex, cane you for spitting on the sidewalk, and kill you for having narcotics, so I take a time out to make a call to confirm that indeed what I am doing is legal. As it turns out, the age of consent is 14 for women if you are married to them, and 16 if you are not. So boffing a 16 year old is ok, but oral sex with a 30 year old will land you in jail. Male homosexuality is illegal. But lesbianism is ok as long as it is in private. Go figure.

I embark upon the first menage a trois where I'm older than the combined ages of my partners.

Ok, so I'm with two teenagers who are getting drunk and horny, and seem to enjoy each other's company. Not a bad beginning to the evening. I'd call it a high school fantasy. I can even pretend they are sisters competing to see who gets me across the finish line first. The chemistry of conversation wasn't there, but, hey... what's there to talk about? They are all high energy and giggles. Their skills were impressive for the tender age, but not par with the older Asian ladies who've been around. You know those ladies... the ones that can exercise absolute control over your body with their pinkie, have grips that can shake, pulse, twirl, vibrate and do other unnatural things, and can coax seed from a dead man in a face-down position. But my teenage gals are enthusiastic, their bodies are so smooth and young, and everything seems so novel and innocent.

We spend the evening together, taking a bath, watching a movie, fooling around, getting food, taking a shower, and so on. We only broke one Singaporean law that night, although we were all repeat offenders. Then they slept while I worked on a presentation. In the morning they showered with me, fooled around some more, had breakfast, and then left.

I felt like crying. Ok, not really, and honestly it wasn't THAT great. The two hours with a Seattle-area duo a few months back was far more exciting. This was a kind of forbidden eye candy.

I don't think I would repeat.

Then some business meetings, to the airport, sleep on the plane to Los Angeles, and back to Seattle.

And I'm back.

My Cannes trip is cancelled, there is a lawsuit involved... long story. So I'll be Stateside for this month.


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