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Friday, April 30, 2004

Las Vegas, planning a party

I went to Las Vegas in part to entertain one of the people who entertained me in Korea. It was only a few weeks since the mind-numbing experience, and my senses were still reeling when I thought of the experience.

Unfortunately I wasn't sure how I could reciprocate.

He came with his brother, so it was three all together. My fundamental approach was to stress classic American beach blonde looks for them rather than trying to compete with the overwhelming Asian service I had enjoyed. Since the classic beach blonde is quite popular with the Asian men, I was hoping they would hardly notice the difference in service.

The plan was to warm up at a strip club, to arrange some private encounters en-suite, a kind of special event, and one special gal for overnight company.


The warm up venue was Sapphire. I had never been there (I'm under the impression it's relatively new), but it was recommended to me. It is truly amazing. It is huge. I mean, nearly mall sized. No, seriously, about the size of a Costco. The reason to go there was the Sky Box, their VIP rooms around the perimeter of the place that overlook the main room. They rent at an hourly rate with or without dancers, and you can specify the music you prefer. The building: modern on the outside, and swank inside where the decor is classic Vegas, dark wood and stone, neon displays, a 20 foot martini behind the bar, and a multilevel stage in the center. The sky box, a couple of couches, a few chairs, room enough for ten, a tilted window overlooking the action downstairs, a flat panel television, some mirrors, decent sound, and controlled lighting. There is a separate VIP entrance to get to the sky boxes.

For the next step I had a suite at the Venetian. It was just before the National Association of Broadcasters conference. I had never stayed there either, but the Bellagio had a power failure earlier, and when I was making plans it was uncertain when they would return to business. The only downside was the separate elevators to get to the suite level at the Venetian, and the extra security. Not that they gave any problems, but there was slightly less privacy from staff. The suite had a great view, a big living room, dining room seating ten, immense tubs, and two bedrooms. I arranged catered dinner. I had thought of renting a house on the lake, but it was too difficult for a single day.

Another part of the plan was a wedding chapel for a faux wedding. I had arranged with a not-to-be-named chapel to do this, although they were initially against the idea. But a little cajoling got them over their reticence and we had the whole package including the limo and wedding party.

Finally there was a gal I imported from Los Angeles for an overnight, a high end girl that I know. I contacted her, outlined the plan, made travel arrangements, and wired a deposit for expenses.


I had made calls about a week in advance with the Sapphire. I mentioned to them the VIP box, a minimum spend on alcohol and time, and six girls that might be able to accompany us afterwards. They were suprisingly helpful and were willing to arrange a meeting with a manager.

I flew down two days beforehand, checked into my room, and checked out the suite. I notified the concierge that I was going to host a party and told him that we would have some girls. He suggested a different suite, perhaps for noise reasons. I noted every display had a DVD player, so I went out and bought a few DVDs.

I confirmed the flight for the LA gal and wired her the balance. I arranged for a large cash withdrawal to cover additional tips. Funny how they cater to that in Las Vegas...

I met the manager the day before in the morning. I tipped him and arranged to have an interview with the gals that evening to pick the six "after" girls. I also specified a certain special bottle of alcohol and a permissable premium he could charge. The biggest issue was that I said that politeness might demand that the girls drink with the men, but eventually he promised to have everything set up. Very friendly.

That afternoon I went to the wedding chapel, met their only male coordinator, tipped him, and made arrangements, which were mostly logistics around photography and transportation. The biggest sticking point, surprisingly, was their hesitation to use an instant camera (apparently they usually retain negatives so you can order prints... or so they can blackmail you later!)

That evening I went back to the Sapphire and interviewed ten gals, and picked six. Interestingly, a large fraction were named after cities or jewelry. Yes, it was rough work, but I have a strong work ethic. Two of the ten were hesitant to commit to open ended services afterwards, despite my strong hint to the manager that was my preference. All seemed pretty motivated to be selected, as it was a minimum of nine hours at an hourly cost plus tips (and it turned out to be more than nine hours). I tipped all ten, with more to the six I picked. I explained to the six gals the plan for the next evening, and urged them and the manager to understand that a no-show would be very bad.

The next day I hired the limo driver and instructed him to pick up my guests and stock up on the appropriate drinks. I had never been in a limo that could fit nine passengers comfortably (this one could fit a dozen, and I was surprised by how poor the ride quality was given the length of the wheelbase.) I obtained the rooms and room keys.


My friend and his brother arrived on time. They brought no checked luggage, which was fortunate, as that part of the airport was under some rennovation. The pick up was smooth, and I told them that by the end of the evening the limo would be filled. I gave them several cards with my number, room number, and the suite number in case something happened.

The event was a storyline I thought he'd enjoy. He would have time to relax or gamble, and then we'd meet again in the afternoon. We'd spend time at a club and at the hotel where he and his brother would eventually have to pick two gals to "marry" by midnight. All six girls would be competing to be their pick (in part because I told them the two brides would have an extra bonus).

It went remarkably smoothly. Keep in mind as coordinator I wasn't enjoying this as much as my guests, and I had specifically instructed the gals to focus on the two guests. But I can't complain... and as you'll see, I received just desserts at the end.

The gals were amazing. They were very good looking, and really got into the role playing. Maybe it had something to do with the recent popularity of reality shows, but it went very well. They danced, seduced, pouted, competed, and generally worked the guys over. One of them even had baked cookies and brought them as evidence that she was a good pick! A memorable scene was two gals who competed for best oral sex using a sake bottle. Several other gals joined into it, and it was pretty interesting. I certainly had previously never envied a bottle. At the end of the VIP room, I tipped the manager, waiter, and everybody with the fortune to pass nearby.

We then moved to the Venetian, where we had dinner with plenty of wine. The dessert I had ordered was chocolate mousse, which led, as I had planned, to body painting, and other things. Side note: I had specified decreasing quality of wine, predicting, correctly, that people wouldn't notice towards the end of the meal. As such, the dessert wine was nothing special.

I set up some DVDs and made a strategic exit during part of the developing orgy, to meet my acquaintance from Los Angeles. I met with her briefly, confirmed the plan, gave her a key to her room and the suite, and then left her to gamble. I called housekeeping and arranged for cleanup for between 1 AM and 2 AM. I returned to the room to find the dining area vacant, two gals in the living room, and the rest distributed in the tubs. At this point, champagne was the drink of choice.

I reminded my guests that midnight was fast approaching, and a decision had to be made.

The long and short of it was that a decision WAS made. There was general mayhem around this, but I was able to herd everybody appropriately into transportation to the chapel. Two gals were "wed," and the others were bridesmaids. The two chosen, by the way, were very classic blondes. Go figure.

The wedding was raucous, and the decision to have only instant photographs was clearly wise given the nature of some of the photographs. I had a surprise Elvis impersonator show up and sing. I think he was more surprised than we were.

At that point we returned to the hotel and bade the four-not-chosen fond farewells. I tipped them and thanked them, and got a few phone numbers, including for cookie girl.

We went back to the suite. There I had arranged for a variant of an Asian fertility custom, and we blessed the marriage with sons and daughters. I tipped the lucky brides. The couples then stumbled to bed, and I grabbed some DVDs and left for my room.

Unbeknownst to my friend, his room was already occupied by the LA gal. The story was that his virgin newlywed bride wanted to have her sister there also, to share their first night.

Now for the just desserts. Between jetlag and drinking, apparently my man almost immediately passed out, and the dancer wasn't very far behind him. I myself was pretty wound up, so to speak, and had just put a naughty DVD on in my room, and was getting ready to introduce little Siggy to Rosy Palm, when LA gal called me. She had been "warmed up" by the dancer but was left high and dry. Not one to lose out on this particular windfall, I invited her over.


I hadn't established a means for communications the next day. I had instructed the gals to leave whenever they wanted, up to and including sneaking out at night. I left a vm for my man, but he hadn't called by the time I had to get my LA gal back to the airport.

After I dropped her off (and she's the only person I did NOT have to tip!) I had a call on my cell phone (which for whatever reason had no signal inside the airport in Vegas). My man had awakened and wanted to have (late) lunch. We met at a noodle restaurant inside the Venetian, without his brother. He was very pleased with the experience, said his brother had a great time, and thanked me. I didn't pry on details or what he remembered.

So that was the Las Vegas reciprocation. I would not recommend this experience. It was a ton of work, a large amount of expense, lots of eye candy, but extreme frustration. On the other hand if anybody were to want to do this for ME, well, you'd be my instant friend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are sick. You should spend all this money on charity.

6/10/2004 1:26 PM  
Anonymous Von said...

Sounded fun! I hope that my friends in business will become as successful as you. I am amazed at your party planning skills. No wonder you got this far.

Thanks. I'm glad that I can at least vicariously experience your party through your entry.

8/24/2006 1:36 PM  

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