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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Keeping busy

Although nobody seems to comment on my blog (perhaps unsurprising since it used to be hidden from the directory and I've given it to very few people), I do receive emails on it. Some of them ask if I work.

I DO work, quite a bit, thank you. But I have the flexibility to travel (or not) when I do.

Meanwhile I can ponder the true imponderables: like why only Gulfstream can make a decent jet with large windows? Other manufacturers have great jets, but these small windows. Do you buy a jet just for the windows? Maybe. Apparently I've bought computers just for the windows...

Since my last entry I visited Belize, which was hot. I was thinking of looking up a provider friend who is over there, but I decided not to. Might have been too weird. And judging from her blog, she might not welcome the company. I flew there by way of Canada, where I had visited Montreal and Vancouver, two of their best cities. Montreal is always a lot of fun. They have history and their attitude. Think of it as a friendly Paris. :-)

Meanwhile I did meet lots of interesting people, which keeps my intellectual side happy. Visited several universities, and now will be preparing for a couple of talks I'll be giving over the summer. Travel will include climbing in the Rockies, Asia again, and London.

I'll also be at the premiere of Around the World in 80 Days this weekend in LA, and am throwing a 40th birthday for a long-time co-worker and friend in Las Vegas next month. That will be quite an event; I look forward to writing about it.


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