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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Women on Women

Why are so many men fascinated with women making out or having sex with other women?

From my point of view, it's simple: Women are beautiful.

I don't doubt that many people find men beautiful, but generally I do not. I find women exceedingly attractive: their curves and planes, their grace and clumsiness, their mannerisms and complex personalities, their strengths, needs, desires, and insecurities... all of it!

For whatever reason (to be addressed in another blog entry), I also want to see women happy. It is almost a mission for me, sometimes to my detriment. So seeing two women pleasuring each other is double the pulchritude and double the goal satisfaction, without arousing the desire to pick up a club and bash the head of a competing male.

No jealousy?

I had two bisexual ex-girlfriends. In both cases they were surprised to learn that I was supportive of their dating girls while we were in a relationship, even if I was excluded from the sexual component of their interactions. Their surprise was that I was not "jealous."

I found that interesting. It was a point of view echoed by a few other bisexual women in discussions.

Maybe part of the reason is that I am frequently travelling or busy, and so it's a non-threatening way to have a girlfriend satisfied when I am away.

Or perhaps it's just that it turns me on so terribly much to think about it!

Whatever the reasons, I think it is a fine thing.

I discovered this some years ago. Let's pop into the Wayback Machine, kick out that obnoxious kid Sherman, and relive the discovery...

My girlfriend had recently told me that her last relationship was with a woman, and that she was bisexual. We had a frank discussion of her thoughts on bisexuality, and what different aspects girls and boys added to her sexual experience. She mentioned that both her previous girlfriend and her boyfriend before that were jealous of her bisexuality, and forbade her from dating others, no matter what the sex. She felt that this was part of her commitment to a relationship.

After thinking of this I thought that I was not jealous of the situation. But I wasn't certain enough to make a commitment to that, so a trial was in order: thus I decided that a good birthday gift for my girlfriend would be another girl for the day.

Of course I was quite uncertain of how one went about this, never having picked up a girl myself, not to speak of picking up a girl for another girl. So I decided to call escort agencies to find somebody appropriate.

It actually took quite a bit of calling, but I eventually found a few, and interviewed all of them. Interestingly, they fell into two camps, the casually bisexual, and the professionally lesbian. The former were usually younger experimental girls who mostly provided to men, and the latter were very experienced providers for women. The latter often had a fair amount of disdain for the former, using terms like "amateurs". I picked a very attractive professional who assured me that she was extremely proficient and skilled. She also told me that I could watch but not participate.

My original plan was to make it a surprise for my girlfriend. The provider was extremely worried about this plan, since she didn't want to have a bad experience if my girlfriend freaked out. She asked many questions about how committed my girlfriend was to female relationships, and eventually I persuaded her to believe that she would definitely enjoy it.

So it was a few weekends later that I arranged an overnight at a romantic resort a few hours away. I drove my most ostentatious sports car, toured some beautiful scenery, had an outrageous meal set up, had flowers installed in the suite and the heat turned up and the lights turned down.

Romance was in the air, and I seduced my girlfriend into a jacuzzi bubble bath. While she was bathing I pretended that I had left my wallet at the restaurant, so I excused myself to go up there. In reality I went to let in the provider, who I hid in living room. Then I rejoined my girlfriend in the bath.

After some cuddling, I dried her off and led her to bed. I told her that I had a surprise for her, and persuaded her to put on a blindfold. I then tied her hands to the bedposts, a kinky but not novel experience in our relationship.

I went out to signal the provider. So there was my girlfriend, blindfolded and in bed, thinking I was her lover. I got on the bed and started to warm her up. Then I tapped in the provider, and sat in a chair near the bed.

It was a marvelous exhibit of beauty magnified.

My girlfriend took a few minutes to discover that it was a woman while she was teased senseless. Her initial confusion was manifest by her calling my name, and I went up next to her ear, licked it, and whispered, "She is for you, my darling." The answer, an excited moan, was ample evidence that this was a welcome gift. It is a wonderful thing to see your lover experience such pleasure. Oral sex and toys are one way to see it, group sex another, but to see the energy and passion of two people making love... it's different.

Judging from my girlfriend's reactions (and her comments later), the provider was, in fact, quite skilled. Per the rules I did not participate (threesomes are another story for another entry), but my girlfriend's thanks were profusely expressed over the next several weeks.

So, a welcome and creative gift, a great sexy show, a learning experience, a wonderful experience for my lover, a new dimension in a relationship, and major major! points with my girlfriend... all in one.

Not bad, I say. And so I still say: I'm all for it.


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