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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Thanks to a misconfiguration, my last republish operation removed the line breaks from my postings. Apologies to those who had to wade through the unremitting torrent of characters. It should be fixed now.

I also wanted to add a few observations to my Genius Loves Company post that I had thought of, but had managed to forget to type in.

Firstly, if you had asked me how many of the Angels I would have bedded, I would have guessed maybe one out of three. Secondly, I would have guessed it would take a protracted effort. So you can imagine my surprise that it did not.

This is something that my conservative upbringing did not anticipate. My utter and complete lack of success with women as an adult gave me unlimited amounts of doubt about both the libido of women and my ability to kindle such thoughts in them. The events of the past 18 months has really been changing my perspective on this.

Another thing I have noticed, although the statistical significance is small: highly intelligent women have highly developed sexual appetites. Or put in a cruder way: smart means horny. I used to think it was "beautiful means horny," but that adage seems to have a weaker correlation. Not a bad thing, although I have seen how it can create sad situations. In particular, I now begin to feel that early exposure to sexual activity, particularly in the context of power transfer, can have negative impact. Ok, that sounds like cheap pop psychology. Or maybe it helps me deal with the fact that I was left out of that early activity, a sad and horny bystander.

Call me Dr. Phil.

I was reading an email comment I received, along the lines of a fraternity-like back-slapping on how I had "scored" three for three. And it made me sad. Is that not the path to being jaded? I wrote about that fear before, and sometimes I wonder if I'm losing sufficient objectiveness to realize into which land I have wandered (or fallen!)


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