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Friday, June 03, 2005

Catching Up, Genius Loves Company

You may recall the posting I wrote about female geniuses and the doom of men. In it, I outlined a plan to save men from their fate at the hands of beautiful and brainy women, and talked about three women in particular, Jill Monroe, a brilliant student; Kelly Garrett, a super-smart executive in Asia; and Sabrina Duncan, a student and an executive in the US. All were in their twenties, all were pretty, and all were stunningly intelligent. Every single one of them had, at one time or another, media attention hailing them as geniuses, and it wasn't all hype.

I had met them before my posting, and there was mutual interest in more meetings. What can I say, I guess I can come across as smart from time to time. Or at least as an interesting toy for the smart! Recall that my plan was to seduce these geniuses, in the hopes of giving men a fighting chance against the superior and alien race these women represented. I wrote:

We male geeks must mate with these superwomen.

Yes! We must seize and exploit the only weaknesses they have: their genetically-programmed desire to mate with genetically attractive men, their youthful inexperience and desire to exercise their power, and their youthful hormones. Men of wealth, power, and education must seduce them. Men who are providers even beyond what they can provide for themselves. Leaders. Mentors. Older men. Successful men. Smart men.

Now remember, until recently, I never picked up women. So this was going to be difficult. But, to save my fellow men, once more into the breech I went, a true soldier to the end, no sacrifice too much, etc., etc.

Sabrina Duncan, no nonsense... on the outside

Sabrina Duncan was a busy executive and student. After her standing offer for drinks, I did visit with her, and volunteered to help her on a personal project of hers. It was a simple thing, and it worked out, pretty much despite my assistance. But she was grateful, and we arranged a dinner and drinks meeting in Boston. She had a busy schedule as did I, but we were able to pull of an evening together, with an early departure the next day for me.

On paper, Sabrina was the least impressive of the three geniuses, but clearly the most entrepreneurially successful. How would her intelligence combined with such entrepreneurial drive translate into a lover?

I was thinking of a slow seduction, recognizing that we would not have much time together, and only able to meet upon occasion. Perhaps over a year. I could be patient, this was a casual encounter. What I failed to account for was her amazing ability to deal with a tight schedule. This was a woman who went through professional training, medical school, and running a startup at the same time, a woman who clearly could manage time...

A woman clearly in a hurry.

And indeed, once she set her sights on something, well... have you heard of "missile lock?" I felt the scans of her radar shortly after we had removed our coats. I heard that "target acquired" warning klaxon by the time we hit our second after-dinner drink.

A true novelty, really for me, because this was going to be a one nighter.

Sabrina's passion for work translated very well into her passion for physical sex. Once she ascertained that I was interested, there was little hesitation, and any coyness was thrown out the window immediately. This was no-nonsense, "let's not waste any time," "get over here now" kind of stuff. A bit heady, actually. Before I know it, I was literally thrown on my own hotel room bed and ravished.

The sex itself was quite interesting. It started out very animal like. I was more detached than Sabrina, since I was reeling a bit from the speed of progress. But after her (rather quick) first orgasm, she sensed that I was not getting close to getting off. Then her medical brain snapped into place and she became quite analytical about it. She was highly motivated to get me off, and became almost totally focused on it.

Which, although not novel, was a little off-putting in a woman of her intensity. I could see the experience shifting from animal sex to an animal lab study pretty quickly.

But, although I stayed with the program, so to speak, for several rounds of several hours each (with a short sleep interlude in there somewhere), there was no conclusion to her satisfaction. As it became closer to my departure time, she became somewhat frustrated by that, and demanded a raincheck. She promised to "research the issue." Great, at least I would have a genius working on my "issue." Right along with those other animal studies...

She was a copious emailer, and indeed she has maintained email contact. But I had no positive vibe from her. Indeed, she became so insistent on meeting (including flying out to Asia to meet) that I really had to put some brakes on the whole relationship. Mostly because her primary reason was to test a variety of possible therapies on me personally. This gal was very focused on getting me off, that's for sure.

Over the ensuing months, she sends me research reports, suggestions for therapeutic titrations, and some other less scientific ideas. But she also hinted that my exclusivity is a key requirement. When I said that wasn't going to happen, she was clearly taken aback (and sent some very choice words my way), but then rather than dumping me, she redoubled her efforts to get together to try her therapies. Her no-nonsense exterior clearly wraps a nearly insanely focused personality.

Jill Monroe, naive youngster, or so it seemed...

Jill Monroe seemed like she would be the easiest target. Being a student and the youngest in the trio, my theory was that she was least experienced and therefore most naive. I was about to be proven quite wrong.

Jill posed an initial difficulty, in that she worked for one of my companies. Although it made certain meeting logistics easier, it was simply to dangerous (not to mention unwise) to mix employee business with pleasure. So I waited until her internship was over, and then contacted her for some followup work. Being at Harvard (in the same town as Sabrina) made it more convenient, but also more dangerous (not to mention unwise). So instead I decided to meet her on her vacation back home, in nearby Belarus.

She was very happy in eastern Europe, being both comfortable and comforting for her. I have to admit that I had just come off a short tour of women in Russia and Belarus (more on that later), and had a muddled head, not a good thing when attempting to seduce a genius. But some well placed arrangements seemed to move things along nicely.

Recall that at my workplace she was wearing skimpy outfits, but it was relatively cold weather in Belarus, forcing heavier outerwear. But I liked it; her facial features were nicely highlighted, in particular her eyes.

And when that coat came off, well, she still seemed to like fairly provocative clothing in the bars and discos of Belarus. Not just provocative, but also young. She had a vibrant innocence that was charming, and reinforced this (unconciously, I believe) with young fashion errors, such as a touch too much eye makeup, or "sexy" clothes a la Britney. But she had the body to get away with it.

To cut to the chase, Jill was another fast mover. Perhaps that goes with the fast thinking. But she had me in a compromising position at the second bar we visited (which had deep, plush couches and even small private rooms secreted away in a building that seemed much like a very old mansion).

Up to that point I had only learned that her first sexual experience was in her very early teens, perhaps due to her early physical development, and she really enjoyed it from the start. She confessed she really enjoyed meeting smart men, and sexually satisfying them. At another point she mentioned that asking men to remain exclusive "wasn't practical." Naive?


Well... her dancing kept her limber, that's for sure. Due to the venue, which was full of distracting music and people's coming and goings, I think it was not surprising that we had no Big Bang, but a series of Little Bangs in various places in the club. But it was a lot of fun, and she enjoyed herself to no end. Here was another gal who climaxed easily, and knew how to enjoy herself.

After that bar, unfortunately Jill had a little too much to drink and was in no shape to continue with such activities at the hotel. Not that she didn't try, but it really wasn't going to work. But I must admit that watching her try to crawl over to me to take care of me orally while she could barely keep her head up was, well, touching. ;-)

She was in excellent shape and young, so the next day she bounced back well. Before saying goodbye, we tried another bout of sweaty sex. It was fun, again mostly because she could get off so easily, but not deeply engaging. Sensing this, we spent our last few hours talking about technical topics. Which, I have to admit, was a more satisfying time.

I extracted a promise for her to consider working for us again next summer, and indeed she's on her way over to one of my US companies next month. But inbetween, we have had no discussion of any sexual relationships.

Jill was not at all scary, in fact, she was delightful. But much more valuable as a worker or business partner than as a sexual partner.

After Jill I started to wonder why I hadn't had a real deep physical connection with her. She was, on paper, a fantastic find, and an energetic, reasonably skilled, open minded, and considerate lover. Was I too jaded from my Asian experiences? Had I set the performance bar too high?

Kelly Garrett, a true professional... alleycat

Kelly Garrett had impressive credentials, including a PhD from a top-notch university, a senior executive appointment at a global company, and an impressive array of advisory positions. She seemed like she would be the toughest nut to crack. Again, I was proven quite wrong. Inside a hard exterior was a woman who wanted companionship, and her desires in this regard were quite untempered by Western morals. Or, put another way, deep down inside she wanted to screw nearly anything that moved, and was only controlled by her pride and her fear of media exposure.

I met her with her boss, let's call him "Chen", an executive and scion of the family that owned the conglomerate that controlled her company. He was also US educated, smart, but widely considered to be a sleazeball. He had several mistresses on the side, and had apparently impregnated at least one, and then paid her off to "disappear" to another country. He was also under investigation by authorities for a finance scandal.

During that meeting, which involved a somewhat tense and potentially adversarial negotiation, Chen and his lackey left for the restroom, leaving Kelly and myself alone. Kelly had been silent through most of the meeting, and merely smiled at me and handed me her card. When I protested that we had already exchanged cards, her smile broadened (and it was a pretty smile) as she said, "But this is my personal card." So I took it and put it in my wallet as the others walked in.

Right after that meeting I had scheduled a therapeutic massage. I had flown into Asia on a killer schedule, and enjoyed getting a massage to work out the airplane-induced pains. When Chen heard of my plans during the meeting, he protested that the place I was going was not the best massage place, and that he would arrange a better place for me. So knowing his connection into the rich and powerful, of course I agreed. His lackey went to make arrangements.

After the meeting, Chen offered to drive me to the massage place. Given that I did not know where it was, I gratefully accepted. Kelly had gone separately elsewhere, and I cursed my lost opportunity to cement a date. In fact, I had expected to be invited to dinner, as is traditional, and was slightly disappointed that didn't happen. But, well, at least I'd get a good massage.

Chen walks me into the massage place, which looks very small and exclusive. Unlike many Asian parlors, this one is upstairs. It has a heavily screened entrance. Chen tells me he has selected his favorite masseuse, and he will introduce us. In moments, a wide-eyed beautiful young thing steps out. She looks like she is in her late teens at most. She has been trained well, as she has the most innocent tamed wildfire look to her.

Now I begin to understand.

I turn to Chen and ask him if this is a place that offers sexual services. I tell him I am uninterested in that. Fortunately I still have all my clothing on (and so does the girl); otherwise he would be able to tell instantly that I was lying. But I say this in a way that causes him to literally flush. He starts to apologize, saying that perhaps he misunderstood. I told him that I found his behavior offputting especially given it was the first time we had met.

We stepped out (no reason to embarass him too much in front of others) and he apologized profusely. He then offered that Kelly should take me out to dinner in compensation. Before I could say anything, he whipped out his cell phone and called her. He apologized that he could not attend, because he had an evening flight out, but told me that he would reserve a place at one of the most expensive restaurants in town, and that I could not refuse.

Well, blessings do come in odd ways.

Kelly did not seem pissed off at all that she was forced into meeting me. She showed up in a very nice dress, and looked extremely attractive. We had a wide ranging discussion covering her life in the US, contrasts with Asia, her media attention, advisory positions, and technical topics also. Gradually she started asking me for a lot of advice, which I dispensed judiciously. Meanwhile we were slowing demolishing our second bottle of sake.

Suddenly at one point she told me that she knew where Chen took me, and thought it was "amazing" that I resisted. That she had never heard of anybody turning down an offer like that. I silently wondered how great that place really was -- perhaps I had missed an amazing opportunity -- but then wrenched my brain back to the task at hand.

I told her that I much preferred brains to just animal attraction, although getting both in one package was even better. And before I could add the "like you" that I had concocted in my Don Juan haze, she locked eyes with me and said, "That's you."

Of course all my preconceived polish was immediately dulled in my brain, and the only thing that emerged from my lips was an articulate: "Huh?"

She then took a deep breath, and elaborated. Non-stop. She said that she wanted me badly. But in general that she loved having sex. And she hated living in Asia because she had become so well known that she couldn't have sex freely any more. She confessed to having incredible sexual needs. That she had no loyalty to men, never felt love, just wanted sex.

I couldn't get a word in edgewise. It was a verbal torrent, a river of endless self-confession. Toward the end she just looked straight at me, and said, "You won't leave me alone tonight, will you?"

I think there aren't too many right answers to that question.

But then it starts to get weird.

A little later, overfilled with drink, she tries to pick up the waiter at the restaurant. He looks at me helplessly. He is younger and I can tell he'd love to bed her, but I can tell that he thinks that I'm probably powerful and well connected, and a misstep would see him floating in the river the next day.

As the alcohol takes even deeper effect, she becomes more outrageous, talking about sexual experiences to my driver. The entire time, however, she is also whining that she's so famous that she can't do all the things she wants sexually.

The doormen at her condo share knowing looks with the security staff as we enter.

As you could imagine, sex with somebody in that state is not that rewarding. She had an impressive array of toys (at least for my stereotype of an Asian career executive) and a huge drive to please... herself. Which she actually was able to do, despite her state. It was almost a spectator sport, and, well, I admit a rather impressive sport at that. I wish I had a videocamera.

But she was not so far gone that she didn't notice my lack of participation. Her solution to this was, um, unexpected.

She called a friend. I'm just getting started... there's much more! But I'll leave it for a future posting.

The precis was that I ended up leaving, feeling dirty and used. But in a good way. Kelly remains available and willing. Upon occasion she sends me a text message, inviting me out somewhere private. I always decline.

Mission Debrief

The parameters of my original mission were accomplished. But would I have to continue the mission to save mankind? Unfortunately for mankind, I am now unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to do so!

Sabrina is just a bit too focused for my comfort. If she found this blog, as an example, she would probably surgically remove a variety of body parts and feed them to her carnivorous fish. I like some of those body parts more than saving mankind. Sorry.

Jill is remarkable, and a keeper. In the end, my desire to have a business associate outweighed my desire to save mankind. Hey, if I'm doomed, I might as well make some money while I can spend it...

Kelly was frightening. Morals of an alley cat and a self-centered view on sex, I could never trust her. On the other hand, she was a kind of always-available partner. Unfortunately in her country her profile was so high that it would be too difficult to continue to meet, and I enjoy my freedom more than saving mankind.

So in the end, I let my fellow man down. I just wasn't trustworthy. But I am sure there will be other men willing to fill the hole I leave.

And, yes, I'm also sorry for that last pun...


Blogger SBB said...

LOL Sig. I found this post hilarious. Despite feeling really sorry for these women.

If that is what vastly superior worldly intelligence does for a person, I'm glad i don't have it!

6/03/2005 11:38 PM  
Anonymous Madoka said...

Don't you know what a paragraph is? Gosh that was one long drone.

Unless everything was just one meaningles whirl to you and the only paragraph worth highlighting was your own quote. :P.

6/04/2005 12:35 PM  

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