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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Lull before the Storm

It's been a long time since blogging, and there is much to say. Rather than continuing on the fruitless task of catching up to the months of unblogged activity, I will merely fast forward to the present, filling in history as needed.

A few brief catch up notes before my bigger posts (which are coming shortly, I promise):

Jill Monroe had offered "coffee, tea or me." I opted for the tea, literally, personally imported from China. She's back in school now. I hooked her up with my billionaire Asian friend's daughter. Chain mentoring… don't break the chain. Hopefully they'll fall into a torrid lesbian affair...

The other angels are busy and have forgotten me. Fortunately so have the other devils, for the most part:

Maggie moved to the United States to be with her daughter, who is attending junior high school here. Fortunately I moved in the other direction.

Haley took a job at a multinational. Apparently the rumors are true and they do spike the water with Prozac. Or maybe they just keep her busier than your typical newspaper.

Laura sent new email, but mostly of the sneering, "You don't know what you're missing, buddy" tone. Yeah, I'm missing a hole in the head.

The others are in the void.

Sanura has disappeared. And I'm about to hire Bob and Doug's boss!

I eventually did see Kola, the girl with the "better than May" billing. Jenny told me to see her. Really! The context is important, so I will post separately on this in a related topic about the pros and cons of temptation and jealousy, extending on my earlier point about physical and emotional sex.

And I have been traveling a lot.


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