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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why Her? Part 3: On Sexual Connectivity

When I told one woman friend of my engagement with Jenny, her first respone was, "You could get almost anybody: entrepreneur, scientist, or supermodel. Why her?"

It wasn't said in a mean or petty way nor to flatter. She truly was curious.

And it was a good question. So this post will continue try to answer that. Part one covers the time we have spent together and Part two describes some of her attributes in the context of my expectations.

Obligatory warning: because this post is about a woman I love, it could be painfully saccharine to my dear readers. I won't mind if you move on. Really. But I will also cover some of what I have been doing over the past year, and where.

On Sexual Connectivity
"See the problem is that God has given men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time."

There is nothing wrong with sexual compatibility. I am all for it. And, not to be crude or anything, Jenny fit me like no other had before.

The scientist in me saw some geometrical and topographical contributions to this (that's topographical, not topological...she's not that exotic). There is definitely some shape difference inside Jenny has that works for me in the right positions. I mean literally certain geometric bumps, shapes and musculature in her that fits me well.

And in certain other conditions, there is a relatively unique motion that Jenny enjoys -- really enjoys -- that, in conjunction with the physical fit, really does it for my limbic system. There was one other woman I've been with who used a similar motion, a Quebecois hottie. It had similar results for herself but vastly diminished effects on me. So the combination of Jenny's fit with her motion results in an enhanced experience to say the least.

And while I am on this thread, there is also an intuitive learning component. There have been a few partners I've enjoyed who have a beautiful learning intuition with me. Sakura was one. She was considered quite good at fellatio, but at one marathon sexual session in Tokyo she became exceptionally good. No others in my recent lifetime have been like this until Jenny. Of course some of the Asian professionals also adapted well to my preferences, but in those cases it was procedure taught by their profession rather than their personal connection to me. It was done to me, not with me. My (albeit limited) experience is that this intimate sexual adaptation is most obvious in oral sex, because of the increased sensitivity, focus and control available to the partner. But in this case, this sense was shared.

Symmetry was another point. While Jenny was my first to bring me to fairly regular earth-shattering climaxes, I was actually there first for her. I was the first she lavished such attentions upon, but also I was the first she allowed to lavish such attentions upon her. She never had an orgasm from oral sex. I attibute this to my observation that originally Jenny was very insecure about her body, which is something I always find surprising with very attractive women. It took nearly months of slow, patient progress culminating in just shy of two hours of continuous oral lovemaking in a suite in Paris before it finally happened.

Side note: For whatever reason, in the right position I can flick my tongue essentially forever without tiring. I believe this to be compensation for my lack of muscles elsewhere.

And once it happened for her once, well, it just got easier and easier. So we both went from initially enjoying sex, but perhaps having an orgasm every five days, to as many as five orgasms per day (although that's an atypical peak number for her that I have yet to achieve. But I'm more than halfway there.) And the bonus: we've evolved from good orgasms (although there aren't a lot of bad ones, I admit) to ones where we are hoarse from screaming and can't remember why. From two hours or more per orgasm to ten or fifteen minutes. Mind you those aren't typical situations, but they are milestones for us. Oh, and those two very memorable simultaneous orgasms.

Yes, the sex is great. And although others may have experienced this, we both started virtually anorgasmic. So it is another shared interaction. Not the most important one, but an important one that combined with the others makes us feel particularly special.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's how you know you're a soul mate. It's the simultaneous orgasms. It's more intense as you know each other through the years!

11/18/2005 8:13 PM  

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