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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Short Update

There have been some unfortunate personal developments that caused me to remove a few posts. After a little bit of settling down I expect they will return, possibly in some reorganized form. In the meantime, an update on my prior updates :

The Angels have departed my world for their own celestial spheres.

  • Jill is mentoring my billionaire friend's daughter and recently was treated to a fine dinner by him. She is dating and seems serious about a European fellow, you know, the kind with a goatee. She will intern again with one of my companies, but the spark is gone.

  • Sabrina has been overwhelmed by her company's success and is presently negotiating a buyout that, hopefully, will provide her with the independence to really vent her sexual dominance. Or at least get out from underneath daddy's influence.

  • Kelly suffered a few personal setbacks including a small scandal involving a cellphone camera and an undignified position in a seemingly empty hotel corner, but it fortunately was overwhelmed by larger media scandals in her country.
The Devils, on the other hand, are haunting me somewhat.

  • Maggie moved to the states to supervise her daughter, but to do this she took an adjunct position which gives her more free time. And some of that time has been constructively spent sending me emails of a disturbing and peculiar nature, such as dying together.

  • Haley apparently has acclimated to her multinational employer. Her expense account is keeping her in recreational drugs, and the resulting mind expansion has sent her into geostationary orbit over... uh... my life. So I am receiving emails and requests to visit. Apparently she is also bugging Micheal about getting to me, knowing that we remain in contact.

  • Laura has also sent emails informing me that she left her last victim sobbing for her sex, addicted to her acrobatics, and crying for her cruelty, and followed that up by offering to demonstrate how she could steal me away from any woman and transform me into a snivelling slave. Wow, what a great offer.
So the devils are back, but so clearly insane that I have no temptation whatsoever.

Personally Jenny and I are in a cooling off period with my family. We are apart at the moment while she cares for her sister who has a rare form of liver cancer and is in fairly dire condition. Meanwhile I am catching up on work items and trying to get issues in order for the upcoming Big Life Changes.


Blogger SBB said...

Heya, haven't checked in here for a while. Your devils sound very, very scary indeed.

3/03/2006 5:58 AM  

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