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Friday, February 19, 2010

An Obligatory Update

I had to kick Sam in the posterior to create sufficient incentive for him to post. If he were to copy my bad habits, given all the bad habits that are in his unique possession, what other than perdition could be in his future? (Of course he will not credit me with even this small victory, as he claims what put him over the edge was a female blogger.)

But in return he challenged me to put in a status update, saying that recent happenings on my side may be “blogworthy.” It seems hardly fair, he having a fair amount of free time in a nearly-tropical climate allegedly performing charity-related work but really making good with an previous obligation. In contrast I am busy in northern Europe, chasing a deal with contacts that Sam helped set up. I originally considered that to be a friendly deed on his part, but after freezing myself for a few weeks in the –15 degree weather and nearly constant darkness, I am starting to wonder… and I should feel obligated to post on the blog?

I have to point out that it was my belief – not challenged by Mr. Spayed – that the ratio of posts between us would asymptotically reach 10:1. A brief examination of the blog dating to the start of our partnership reveals his three posts to my one. Assuming we both post, as Sam requests, it will stand at four to two. In my opinion, this is not progress. I believe I will have to renegotiate terms. Perhaps Mr. Spayed lacks incentives which may be best achieved by linking his performance in this partnership to my performance in other partnerships. For example, I could index his returns from (Jenny, Peau and my) marriage fund to his posting ratios. Hmm…

In the past year Jenny has managed her school to some level of prominence. Asia did not suffer as deep an economic hardship as experienced in the United States. The briefer downturn enabled her to upgrade management and expand in footprint. As a consequence she is able to serve a greater number of children in need. She even considered a business arrangement with one of Sam’s ex-Arrangement partners, but that did not work out logistically. Jenny has learned a lot of about management, in particular of a non-profit. As I write this she is in Malaysia visiting one of her closest friends, so she is also enjoying some tropical heat.

I continue to believe that having our own activities and the short and planned separations full of focused work do make the reunions, well, more passionate and accrue to the strength of our relationship. Sometimes it burns brighter or less bright, but it always feels deeper and more secure.

Other activities since last October included a wicked multicity birthday party for a friend, a few wrenching management changes in companies I have, a series of huge opera-worthy dramas in the mistress lives of friends, and a big asset sale followed by a bigger charitable donation.

Jenny and my sexual training sessions officially completed last year. Now we focus on recitation. We are currently trying a scheduled approach and, so far, it is working. It might sound boring to have a schedule for sex, but with such a rich menu of options and such a variable set of resources available depending upon which location, well… it works. Trust me. Add this to the list of powers that that preserve monogamy and combat the natural tendencies to seek variety in partners – there just will never be a partner as good as Jenny. It isn’t just words I have to tell myself, it’s reality.

Of course this begs many other questions about longevity – how long can the sex stay great before age-related issues get in the way? And then does monogamy end? I have a theory about the importance of matching that to age-based interest in sexual activity, but that’s a topic for another day. Another topic for the future, perhaps, is an interesting story about the threesome experiences Jenny and I had. The short form is that it created complications because we seriously blew the fuse of this poor young woman and she became somewhat addicted. Ending it was difficult. We have decided the tripod stabilization theory is not for us; that Peau is enough of a stabilizing influence. So maybe two topics to consider for the future…

Assuming that Mr. Spayed can find twenty or thirty other topics to post in the meantime. And, no, Sam, it doesn’t count to make lots of one paragraph posts. Shame on you for even thinking that. The readers deserve more.


Anonymous Dale said...

A clue as to the female blogger who pushed Sam into posting?

2/22/2010 7:39 PM  
Anonymous Dale said...

Completely unrelated - whilst I'm waiting for further updates to be the blog ;) I just reread an old bookmarked post where you complain about much of what you give away being wasted. I found www.givewell.net interesting, these guys seem quite smart.

2/23/2010 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Yen said...

I think we can all agree something has gone horribly wrong!

Please fix it, Sam.

1/16/2011 2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

missing your posts! Interested in more on you and Jenny plus her charity!!

7/22/2016 5:24 PM  

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