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Friday, October 01, 2004

Build to Order Dates

Here's an interesting link sent to me: Girls in the Scenery.

This is a place that creates a customized date for hours to weeks in duration. A rigorous interview specifies what physical, emotional, cultural, and other characteristics you want in your date, and they find an appropriate "actor" and props that will fulfill the specifications.

It's build-to-order short-term relationships.

And as long as we're discussing a customized partner who is faking it to your specifications, how about going all the way along that spectrum to a Real Doll? If you prefer your women "not too smart," well, this is the way to go. You can specify face, hair, hands, feet, body type, height, bust, eye color, and, uh, other body features to your liking. They even have an on-line electronic configurator to see the results of your choices. Even tanlines and, yep, a shemale version are available. And all for about the cost of a one or two day jaunt with a high-priced escort. Read the site, but beware, it gets pretty creepy.

If only Dell knew what he was starting...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how they deal with inventory management:) (the agency, not the realdolls!)


10/01/2004 7:54 PM  

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