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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Interlude: May and June Updates

I wrote earlier about my encounters with the very smart Angels.

Jill Monroe, the young gal who interns with one of my companies, sent me an email yesterday. She is off again to visit her relatives before coming to work. She asked me if I wanted anything from her hometown. It was couched in a "coffee, tea, or me" tone.

Personally, I'm staying away from that time zone entirely this summer. Although she may come to Asia for a work-related site visit. I intend to never be alone. Temptation is a bitch, a topic I'll write about later.

Sabrina Duncan, the medical whiz, had recommended an anorgasmia therapy that several commentors echoed, that is, Wellbutrin. She had even sent me a supply. In short, even after giving it "some time to work", it only serves to lengthen the time to orgasm. There are other related therapies that have a common mechanism of action that I may try.

Maggie, my first love, left some voicemail saying that she was starting to forget the sound of my voice. Ah, if only the Vulcan Mind Meld could erase that memory entirely...

Haley, the reporter, asked me for some job advice, is now travelling in Europe, and is sending me an average of ten emails or voicemails per day. She cheerfully ignores my requests to stop. She called today from a club where she had scored a "whole bunch of E" and wondered if I wanted her to bring some back. Um, no thanks. Though it briefly crossed my mind that I should tip off customs...

Park told me that Susie, the other SMS-weilding gal, was studying to join an airlines, a very competitive business I'm told. Her patron is giving her living expenses during that time.

A mutual friend tells me that Laura, the mentoree, has set her sights on somebody else. Unfortunately it is somebody I know. I'm not sure if I should warn him.

I am being strongly coerced into seeing May again, and another gal, Kola, who is even more fantastic. Temptation is a bitch. Or did I say that already? But I am resisting.

And that's the update so far.


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