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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Invasion of America

In posts about evolving friendships and avoiding temptation I wrote that I was trying not to meet my Asian business friends in Asia any longer. The hope was that by meeting them in the United States I could avoid some of the distractions and temptations that their lifestyle tended to throw my way. My hope was that the United States had a different, cruder immorality that is more easily resisted — rather than educated girls in a comfortable high class environment who would pour you drinks, sing, and work their way into your heart over years, we here in the United States had silicone inflated strippers who would work their way into your wallet over several hours. Instead of highly-trained competitive sexual services, we had Internet hookers who were about as formally trained and competitive as your average short order cook. Instead of a history of developing hedonism over a millenia, we had a few hundred years derived from a group of Puritans who found even the relatively moderate western Europe filled with too much moral decay.

Thus comfortably ensconced in the limited-temptation environment of America, I could have the home field advantage over the Mongol horde. With this in mind, I confidently accepted my first business meeting in New York with drinks at a club chosen by a friend of a friend, let’s call him Steve. Steve had made a few hundred million selling his company to a US-based multinational and was currently an executive there.

And it turns out there is a subculture within the United States which is a copy of the Asia business experience. High end clubs modeled on the ones back in Asia, managed by the same women, and staffed with girls imported from Asia. Yes, they were discreet, usually looking run down from the outside or in the middle of nowhere, and they were selective, only allowing people in by appointment, but they were substantially the same as the places I had visited in China, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere in Asia.

Steve blew thousands of dollars “sponsoring” about a dozen girls that evening. By the end of the evening I had the Asia experience of fending off the familiar situation of an attractive and educated girl asking for my phone number.

And then having to report it to Jenny per our agreement.

Ok, I’m taking a little editorial license with my level of naiveté; I had known these places existed in the United States, but had not realized the degree to which they were used by a subculture of Chinese or Koreans (in separate places) in their business dealings. Jenny told me about them; some of her close friends had spent time and found patrons in San Francisco, Dallas, and New York.

I don’t know how many other services are also available. I suspect on the sexual services side that the lack of volume means less competition and therefore less quality and probably no high end. For example I certainly have never heard of anything like what I saw in the Asian high end in the United States Asian massage parlors.

But beware — we are being invaded. Many write about how Western culture is polluting the East, but perhaps the reverse is happening more than you’d know. Too bad it’s only reserved of Asians in America. I think the general population could learn from a wider distribution of this culture.


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